For what was, 2016 (installation)

Riverclay, brown beans, catlitter and catsweets, The Hague, KABK

At the end of 2016 my brother passed away. A few months later my cat followed. As children we grew up at the riverside. Two heaps of Sliedrechts riverclay in a hemispherical form were placed in the courtyard of the academy. Underneath the heaps of clay is a brown bean. At the same time three heaps of catlitter, in a cone-like shape, were also installed in the courtyard. A catsweet is placed underneath the litter. A few hours after the installation rain wetted the riverclay and catlitter. During the following months leaves took their place around the heaps.


These shapes refer to the first buddhist stupas. Around 4th century BCE these structures were made of earth in a mound-like or hemispherical form. Functioning as a place for meditation by walking around the stupa they contained a to the historical buddha related relic or object.


For my deceased brother and for myself, 2017 (performance)

Wood, sandpaper, silkscreen, paper and handwriting

Rembering my brother, 2017 (video, 00:46 min)

Riverclay, brown bean, wood and cloth, The Hague, KABK