About me

foto gemaakt door Henriƫtte Guest

A few of my dreams were: to be a pilot, to drive a motorcycle, to travel and to be a photographer. Although not as pilot, I worked for KLM. One of the most rewarding of my KLM jobs was being an undercover environmental activist. The official name was Projectmanager Environmental Affairs. I drove with my motorcycle to the office at Schiphol. During that time I traveled a lot. It culminated in a journey of a year in Asia and New Zealand. The next employer was Seaport Police of Rotterdam, where I was policy advisor. I started at the Royal Academy at The Hague with the Bachelor Photography training. I made a switch to Fine Arts because of my longing for working with different media and materials. All those years I was inspired by meditation, zen and Buddhism. During seven year I was dedicated to a study, ‘zijnsorientatie’. This is a combination of Western Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism. It gave me a lot of freedom of mind. Actually this is my biggest dream: to live a free mind. I walk that path. It brought me in contact with the phenomenon family constellations. This is also part of my work.